Submersible Pump

 Submersible pumping systems are designed to go the distance delivering smooth operation, with less maintenance and a long life. Features include:

  • One small assembly contains all functional elements: check valve, air eliminator, expansion relief valve, syphon nozzle and venturi, syphon check valve and pressure test screw.

  • Optional  Leak Detector fits conveniently in top of pump.

  • All models fit standard 4" NPT tank openings.

  • Bayonet-type electrical connector provides a safe explosion-proof electric disconnect without separating wires.

  • Pressure relief valve and check valve can be isolated to assist in pressure-testing the lines.

  • Tank-test port and line-test port are conveniently located on top of the discharge manifold.

  • Patented design feature directs any manifold assembly leakage into storage tank.

  • On-winding thermal over-current protector prevents premature motor failure.

  • Hydraulically balanced impellers "float" on the 16 spline shaft, providing a positive and evenly distributed drive.